Custom Crates and Boxes

Many manufacturers and industries require custom crates to successfully transport their products around the country.  After nearly 40 years in the industry, we can create unique, specialized, and custom crates to effectively ship just about any product imaginable.  Whether it’s open-air, solid, or compartmentalized – heavy, light, sturdy, or delicate, we make sure your product gets to its destination safely.

Conner can build your custom crates to your specification by size and/or weight, or we can partner with you from start to finish to develop the perfect crate for your production line.

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custom crates

Custom Crates You Can Count On

Our experienced transportation packaging designers utilize sophisticated software to design and develop the best custom crates to protect your products. Not only do we look at your handling requirements and supply chain, but we also look into how your product is shipped and the conditions it will go through to get there. Our expertise doesn’t stop with custom crates. We can also help you with cushioning, as well as the blocking & bracing product used to protect your product on the inside of your custom crates.

custom crates

Custom Crates Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Like many other industrial wood products, most custom crates are usually made from industrial-grade Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) lumber, OSB, and plywood. By using wood, we’re able to make sure that your custom crates are durable, long-lasting, and sustainable. While SYP is what’s primarily used, other wood species can be used as well.  Depending on your need, we can also make sure your custom crates are export compliant with the proper ISPM15 stamping and documentation.

Additionally, we can help you with packaging materials to help cushion your products inside your custom crates.  Wood blocking, strapping, foam, and corrugate are the most common materials that manufacturers use in their custom crates. These additional materials can help brace your product for potential shifts in transit, create different compartments within your custom crates, and generally keep your product from making any extraneous movement within your custom crates until they reach their final destination.

Expert Designers – Fast Turnaround – Reliable

Whether you’re a manufacturer working to overcome a specific challenge with your current supplier, or you’re just looking for more information on custom crates to meet your current supply chain needs, we’re happy to help.

With trained technicians, knowledgeable sales staff, an experienced design team, and packaging engineers, Conner is committed to developing custom crates solutions that maximize the efficiency of your supply chain.  We work with manufacturers in a wide variety of industries and have several locations throughout the United States to meet not only meet your supply chain needs, but also to reduce freight expenses.

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