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This is who we are

At Conner Industries, we’re more that just a leading provider of industrial wood and packaging solutions – we are a family.

For nearly 40 years we’ve honed our skills to bring you the very best custom packaging solutions and industrial wood products possible — and customer service second to none.

We work really hard for our customers, but we like to play hard too!

who we are
who we are

What an honor to sponsor the Build-A-Bed Project!

who we are

Our latest “Conner Cares” breakfast to distribute funds raised for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Our Values

While we strive to provide the industrial wood and packaging solutions you can count on, it’s about so much more for us.  Here are the guiding principles we use everyday at Conner:

Customers Are Our Focus

Our customers are the heart of our business and we deliver superior customer service, a deep commitment to meeting their needs, and a desire to always be a company they can count on.


Service goes beyond our customers and employees, and we seek to always be a positive force in our community.


We always act with integrity in everything we do.  Whether it’s dealing honestly and fairly with our customers, treating our employees with courtesy and respect, providing a safe and comfortable work environment, or interacting with the community, integrity is vital to our business.


We have the drive and commitment to energize, engage, and constantly innovate.

Outstanding Employees

We strive to attract, develop, and retain the best people because we know that their contributions make us stronger.

Continuous Pursuit of Excellence

We relentlessly pursue continuous improvement in our products, processes, and services through teamwork, innovation, and employing the best subject matter experts in the industry.

Our Deep Commitment to Quality

Conner Industries is committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. This is accomplished by owning a shared quality vision throughout the organization that is focused on continuous improvement with our suppliers, employees, products, processes, services, and environment.

Plus A Tremendous Leadership Team…

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have a tremendous leadership team to guide and steer the Conner ship.  Our executive team brings together industry leaders with unique experience in both business and the lumber industry, and Conner is a member of several leading industry associations.

Discover how Conner provides the industrial wood and packaging solutions you can count on today!

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