Get to Know Our Stilwell Manufacturing Facility

Located near the Oklahoma and Arkansas border, the Stilwell Manufacturing Facility is nestled in the Stilwell, Oklahoma community.  This location primarily serves customers in Oklahoma and Arkansas, especially Fort Smith, Tulsa, and the surrounding area.

This plant offers hundreds of different industrial wood materials and is equipped with both the specialty machinery and expert labor needed to remanufacture and process wood into the dimensional and lumber products our customers need.  We also produce assembled products such as custom pallets and crates at this facility.

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Stilwell Manufacturing Facility


RT3, Box 1920, HWY 59
Stilwell, OK 74960

Direct: 918-696-5885

Plant Location

Located near the intersection of highways 59 and 51, our Stilwell Manufacturing Facility is an hour and a half East of Tulsa, OK, and an hour North of Fort Smith, AR. Although not in a Metropolitan area, the plant’s location allows for quick distribution to many of the surrounding states. Along with the benefits of this location, there’s little-to-no traffic!

The shipping and receiving hours for the Stilwell Manufacturing Facility are from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekdays.

Stilwell Manufacturing Facility History

The Stilwell plant opened its doors in 1994 and was the fourth manufacturing plant location Conner opened.  It remains an integral part of the Conner family today.

A small community, Stilwell, Oklahoma was declared the Strawberry Capital of the World in 1949.  Although Stilwell may be known for strawberries, Eastern Oklahoma as a whole has a proud history in the lumber industry that our Stilwell Manufacturing Facility takes pride in.

Starting at the beginning of the 20th century, shortly after Oklahoma gained statehood, lumber companies started popping up all over the region.  With untouched pine forests all across the Eastern portion of the state, it made perfect sense to set up shop in the area at the time.  Today, we’re proud to carry on the region’s rich lumber tradition from our Stilwell Manufacturing Facility.