Industrial Wood, Custom Crates & Pallets for
Logistics & Transporation

Proven Success in the Logistics & Transportation Industry

The logistics and transportation sector is the backbone of the country, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have it’s own challenges when it comes to industrial wood and packaging.  These industries are constantly faced with difficult environmental conditions, supply chain snags, and the consistent push for quicker and quicker shipments.

Having a packaging partner that you can count on is crucial to making your pick ups and deliveries on time and within budget.

For the logistics and transportation industries, pallets, blocking, and crate performance is just one of the key components of your success.  Packaging failures can cause safety issues, supply chain interruptions, loss of merchandise, and income.  Whether it’s dunnage for simple blocking and bracing, a load on standard pallets, or a uniquely designed pallet or crate, meeting design specs is crucial.

Delays are not an option.

Industrial wood, custom crates and pallets for logistics and transportation
Industrial wood, custom crates & pallets for Logistics and Transportation

Fast Turnaround – Expert Design Team – Dependable Service

At Conner, we use sophisticated 3D modeling software and ISTA certified labs as a part of the design and development process to make sure you get a packaging solution that will truly meets your needs.  Our trained technicians, knowledgeable sales staff, experienced design team, and packaging engineers are committed to developing solutions that are both cost effective and secure.

This kind of capability in a reliable packaging partner is a must in the Transportation & Logistics Industries.

With multiple locations throughout the US with backup capabilities, and plenty of raw materials on hand, Conner is quick, nimble, and capable of rapidly responding to your needs.

We keep your production lines moving!

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Recent Projects

Recent Project:  Train Cabs

In the logistics and transportation sector, sometimes you’re hauling freight for others or simply looking for dunnage and blocking, and sometimes you’re actually the one who needs the packaging for your own products.

That was the case for this project.  Recently, a company who produces train cabs asked us to design a custom pallet for transport.  These pallets were built out of hardwoods and measured roughly 14′ x 10′.

It’s a heavy duty pallet for a heavy duty product.

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  • Specialize in high-volume custom wood packaging solutions – design team & engineers on staff.

  • True partnership with hands-on management and quality service.

  • JIT (Just In Time) Delivery Available.

  • Largest buyer of industrial grade lumber in the United States.