Industrial Wood, Custom Crates & Pallets for Plastics, Resins, Films & Chemicals Industries

Dependable Packaging for Sensitive Materials

Getting the correct packaging specification is always a must, but it becomes especially critical when that packaging is responsible for safely transporting chemicals, resins, film, plastics, components, and other sensitive materials to their destination.  Transportation and storage of these sensitive materials can be challenging, from a safety perspective, but it’s made even more complicated by the rules and regulations governing the industry.

Your packaging specification must always be precise and consistent.

Whether it’s dry chemicals going to an end user in Iowa, industrial rolls of plastic film on their way to Europe, or processing and component parts heading to a plant in Louisiana, your product must be delivered economically, on time, and safely.

That’s why manufacturers in the chemical industry trust Conner to keep their production lines running.

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Fast Facts

  • Specialize in high-volume custom wood packaging solutions – design team & engineers on staff.

  • True partnership with hands-on management and quality service.

  • JIT (Just In Time) Delivery Available.

  • Largest buyer of industrial grade lumber in the United States.

  • We process and mover over 1 Million board feet of wood every day across our 14 plants.

  • Managed Inventory Process ensures we have the wood products you need.

  • Our customized programs ensure Same-Day/Next-Day deliveries, JIT capabilities, line-side stocking, and Supermarket Management.

Industrial Wood, Custom Crates & Pallets for the Chemical and Plastics Industries

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The Conner Advantage

Consistent Quality Across Every Order Matters

After nearly 40 years of working with all types of industries, including the chemical, resin, and film industries, we have a keen understanding of just how important consistent quality is to our customers.  That's why we've put a highly effective Quality Program in place throughout all our plants that includes regular quality audits.

Leverage Our Buying Power to Gain Tremendous Savings

Forget about paying premium prices for smaller product runs with multiple suppliers. As the largest buyer of industrial grade lumber in the United States, our volume pricing gives you tremendous savings and increased profits.

Never Worry About Getting Your Supplies On Time Again

Getting the wood supplies you need on time, every time, is crucial to keeping your production lines moving.  While most industrial wood suppliers have such a poor track record for on-time delivery rate that they don't even bother tracking it, we've reached over 97% OTD this year - and it's even higher for our preferred customers.

Export Compliance Made Simple and Dependable

We continue to be at the forefront of the heat treatment and export compliance requirements for shipping outside of the United States.  That means that each of our plants have the capability of providing the necessary stamps and documentation to get your products safely past inspection.

Helping to Keep Your Company Green and Sustainable

Lumber is the ultimate sustainable and green packaging solution from start to finish.  We incorporate wood waste green programs based on customer needs, and work with customer locations to keep lumber out of landfills with customized wood sweep programs.