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Industrial Wood, Custom Crates & Pallets for the
Chemical and Plastics Industries

Dependable Packaging for Sensitive Materials

Consistently meeting customer specifications is always a must, but it becomes even more important when the products we produce are responsible for safely transporting chemicals, resins, film, and other sensitive materials to their destination.  Transportation and storage of these sensitive materials can be challenging, from a safety perspective, but it’s made even more complicated by the rules and regulations governing the industry.  Packaging specs must be precise and consistent at all times.

Whether it’s dry chemicals going to a plant, industrial rolls of plastic film on their way to Europe, or processing component parts heading to a chemical plant in Denver, your products must be delivered economically, on time, and safely.

Conner is a leading supplier of industrial wood and packaging materials for the chemical and plastics industries with nearly 40 years of experience.  We know how to design packaging for sensitive materials and often bulky equipment and technology.

We use sophisticated 3D modeling software as part of the design and development process to make sure you get a packaging solution that truly meets your needs.

We keep your production lines running!

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