Custom Pallets Designed to Meet Your Specific Product

Regardless of your industry or what you produce, we know that manufacturers often need custom pallets designed with very specific and critical measurements.  For most products, there just isn’t any room for error.

Even identical products, from different manufacturers, may have different requirements based on their respective supply chain and logistic demands.  Factors such as mode of transportation, environmental conditions, destination, and even handling procedures can impact your packaging.

Getting the right transportation packaging for your product matters.

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We Help Solve Supply Chain Problems

Conner provides custom pallets, standard pallets, and many other packaging solutions based on each customer’s needs.  Not only do we look at your handling requirements and supply chain, but we also look into how your product is shipped and the conditions it will go through to get there.  We want to make sure that we provide the best possible solution to meet your product protection and supply chain needs.

Our quality-focused production team will ensure that the custom pallets you receive from us are 100% compliant with your specifications.

Additionally, our design team can also help you evaluate your current transportation packaging or custom pallet design and present you with new ideas for cost effective and safe transport of your products.  This is especially important if you’re getting a lot of in-transit damage with your custom pallets.  Conner has the experience and know-how to find the right solution.  You can count on it.

How Custom Pallets Are Customized

There are many different possibilities when it comes to custom pallets.  We have customers who need 20-foot long custom pallets for transporting industrial roll-up doors, custom pallets for extremely heavy equipment (even a train engine), and smaller custom pallets with unique dimensions for transporting appliances.  No matter what kind of custom pallets you need, we’ve got you covered.

The options for custom pallets don’t stop at the dimensions.  At Conner, we can make custom pallets out of the most prominent softwoods (like SYP and SPF) and hardwoods on the market.  If your product requires the use of other materials such as corrugate or foam, we can help you with that as well.  We can even make sure your custom pallets are export compliant with all the appropriate treatments and stamps.

What about standard-sized pallets?  Don’t worry – we produce those in bulk volumes too!

Bulk Size Volume Keeps Prices Competitive

When it comes to custom pallets, you may not realize how much can go into producing an order.  No matter what the dimensions of custom pallets or standard-sized pallets, diagrams must be made, lumber must be secured, sometimes jigs are required, and builders are assigned.  Whether it’s an order for 10 custom pallets or 10,000 pallets, the same amount of setup is required.

That is why we are only able to work with high-volume customers on custom pallets and standard-sized pallets.  It takes just as much time to set everything up for a small order as it does for a large one, and we can’t price our products competitively by accepting small orders.