Industrial Hardwood Products

With over 40 years of experience in the lumber industry, Conner Industries has been able to partner with numerous hardwood sawmills across the Eastern and Southeastern United States.  It’s through these various relationships that we can proudly offer our customers an extensive list of hardwood products to fit a wide variety of manufacturing and business needs.  Although hardwoods are known to have unpredictable supply and demand patterns, you can count on Conner for the hardwood products you depend on.

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industrial hardwood products
industrial hardwood products

What are Industrial Hardwood Products?

All hardwood species used in industrial hardwood products are derived from deciduous trees – meaning trees that have leaves rather than needles, lose their leaves in the Winter, and flower in the Spring. In the United States, some examples of hardwoods are Elm, Hickory, Cherry, and Oak. These trees are typically found throughout New England, the majority of the East Coast, and the Pacific Northwest. It’s in these old-growth forests that hardwoods grow and thrive.

Compared to softwood species groups, such as SYP and SPF, hardwood trees require much more time to develop and mature. Rather than being harvested at 20-30 years old, hardwood trees aren’t ready to be processed into lumber until they’re well into their ‘60s or ‘70s. That means that there is less generally less of it available and it commands higher prices.

Why Choose Industrial Hardwood Products Over Softwoods?

Whether it’s Oak, Elm, Maple, or Hickory, almost all American hardwood species have one thing in common – density. For hardwood advocates in the lumber industry, this is the characteristic that sets hardwood apart from softwood in a variety of ways.

Pallets made of hardwood are typically thought to hold greater loads of weight, hardwood dunnage outlasts softwood dunnage, and hardwood timbers that are used outdoors stand up better to the elements.  It’s because of these benefits that hardwood has historically been the preferred species group in the wood packaging industry, but that is changing rapidly for many who purchase transportation packaging regularly.

Thanks to better design practices, it has now been demonstrated that Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) can hold up just as well as industrial hardwood products when pallets are tested head to head.

industrial hardwood products

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