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Value Added Services

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At Conner, we realize that every customer’s needs are unique.  Our trained technicians, knowledgeable sales staff, subject matter experts, design team, and engineers are committed to developing solutions that are both cost effective and secure.  We can also offer suggestions and alterations to existing products to aid in determining the best packaging solution possible for your business by minimizing the amount of lumber used or altering the size or spacing of components, while maintaining the quality and strength necessary.

Packaging consultation and design

Packaging Consultation & Design

Improvements can mean less material or fiber used, lower freight cost through better containerization, or simply saving money through value engineering ideas with improved design. New methods and materials are used more and more to help reduce packaging waste and cost, and we can show you how.

Unit Load Testing and Validation

Unit Load Testing & Validation

Conner Industries has over 30 years of industrial wood packaging design and manufacturing experience. As new methods, designs, and materials are used, our team partners with Package Testing Laboratories to test and validate new ideas and designs.


Warehousing & 3PL Services

There’s a growing demand for packaging supply-partners who offer more than just packaging product fulfillment and Conner is up to the challenge. Warehousing, co-locating, and Just-in-sequencing are just a few of the services that we offer.  If you have a particular need, and you don’t see it listed here, get in touch with us.

Waste Removal

Waste Removal & Recycling

Our total fiber utilization plan includes the responsible use and reuse of used pallets, crates, end trims, and other waste wood products. These products can be recycled into new pallets, new crates, landscape materials, compost, animal bedding, and bio-fuels.  Learn more about our Green Initiative.


Vendor Management Inventory (VMI)

We are pleased to provide customers with a Managed Inventory program that includes deferred monthly billing. This program is designed to provide a customer service solution to streamline your inventory management to provide you with savings in both manpower and dollars.

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