On July 4th, 2022, America will celebrate its 246th Independence Day!  As we all begin to stock up on fireworks, hotdogs, and apple pie, we want to take time to thank the nation that’s supported our industry for almost two and a half centuries.


Although we could take a deep dive into American lumber history, that’s not what we want to do today. Today, we want to thank the people of the United States for everything it’s done for our industry.  Without this country’s plentiful resources and free-market principles, it would be nearly impossible to have businesses like Conner.

Growing With the United States

For well over 200 years now, the lumber industry has grown side-by-side with the United States.  Now, from sea-to-shining-sea, the lumber industry stretches the breadth of the US and has turned into one of the world’s preeminent suppliers of lumber products.

As the lumber industry has continually added to the U.S. economy, the people of the United States have continually invested in this industry. Without America, her people, and her values, the lumber industry in the United States would only be a shadow of itself today.

Here at Conner, we want to thank the people of this beautiful country for all she’s done for us. Happy birthday, America!