New Technology Competitively Positions Company To Accept Larger Orders

Fort Worth, Texas – November 29, 2018: Conner Industries, Inc. adds two new high output pallet assembly machines to their custom pallet building arsenal. The new pallet machines are slated to be installed at their Fayetteville, Tennessee and Haslet, Texas plants beginning in December, and promise to increase the available manufacturing capacity of both plants. With these new technology purchases, Conner expects to be more competitive in the custom-sized wood pallet market and better able to meet the needs of its larger customers.

“These new pallet machines have the ability to build 800 custom pallets per shift with a single operator. Our teams are good, but they could never make that many pallets that quickly,” says David Dixon, CEO of Conner Industries. “These pallet machines give us the opportunity to greatly increase our manufacturing capacity and we’re excited to put them to work.”

Conner’s high output pallet machines offer pallet sizes ranging from 24” x 24” all the way up to 72” x 72”, and any custom dimension in between. Adjustable, reliable, and accurate nail patterns provide consistent build quality from the first pallet to the last, and ensure that automated does not mean inferior. These CNC-controlled machines allow for quick changeover as well as high speed assembly.

The first pallet machine to be installed at the Fayetteville, Tennessee plant is expected to be operating by the end of December. Conner’s second pallet machine will be in operation in Haslet, Texas by the end of January 2019. “Our customers will continue to see the high quality pallets they’re used to from us, we’ll just be able to produce them more quickly,” Dixon added. “It’s great to see Conner growing to meet the needs of the market.”

About Conner Industries, Inc.: Conner Industries is a leading provider of industrial wood and packaging solutions. They specialize in supplying cut lumber (softwoods, hardwoods, and panel products) needed for pallets, crates, and skid parts, as well as fully assembled custom pallets, crates, and industrial containers. With educated and knowledgeable sales people, subject matter experts, an experienced design team, and packaging engineers on staff, Conner serves customers nationwide from 10 plant locations in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Headquartered in Fort Worth, TX, Conner offers industrial wood and packaging solutions you can count on.


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