It is no surprise that American lumber and American made products are an integral part of our country. The benefit that they add to the economy cannot be overlooked. As the importing of products continues to skyrocket, supporting American lumber and American made products will be more important than ever.

Who is Buying and Supplying Lumber?

Before we zoom in on the impact to the United States, we must look at the industry from a broader perspective. The Forest and Lumber Industry is an undeniable part of the economy with over $600 billion in profits and 54.2 million jobs globally. The countries that are the biggest contributors of these numbers are the United States, Canada, and several European countries.

The demand and profit for this industry is estimated to quadruple by the year 2050. This is massive growth for an industry to experience. To say that is important to focus on American lumber would be an understatement.

Currently the United States relies mostly on its own production of lumber, and when importing, our Canadian neighbors. But in recent years, the province of British Colombia, on the western coast of Canada, has enacted the Annual Allowable Cut (AAC.) This allows them to set limits to how much area of forest can be cut down to be made into lumber products. Due to the AAC the production of forest products has been reduced by over a third and has impacted Canada’s ability to export.

This puts an emphasis on the ability of the lumber production in the South and other areas of the country to “pick up the slack” to meet America’s growing demand of lumber.

American Lumber Plays a Pivotal Role

The lumber industry has been around since the precolonial period and was immediately one of the first goods available for trade in our country. It is known that all the colonies were built from the abundance of wood, but there was already demand for it across the sea as well.

England was exporting lumber from America as an energy source for their factories and to build their famous British Fleet. By the 1790s, New England had exported nearly 36 million feet of pine to the British. When westward expansion began in the early 19th century, settlers found the seemingly infinite supply of American lumber in the Pacific Northwest. This marks the beginning of the lumber industry boom.

Fast-forward 300 years and it has become a leading force in the writing of our history and our economy.  Today, there is 750 million acres of land that are covered by forest that are used by the American lumber industry. The United States is the largest producer and consumer of lumber in the world.

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American Made Products: Why Should You Care?

There are a lot of reasons why it is important to buy American made products:

#1 Jobs

The number one reason people support buying products made in the United States is because of jobs. Buying from these businesses saves or creates jobs for future generation within that industry. When jobs are outsourced overseas, they rarely return, and Americans lose opportunities. The forest and lumber industry supplies 1 million jobs a year. The softwood lumber industry alone supplies a staggering 775,000 of those 1 million jobs.

#2 Fair Working Conditions

When jobs are kept in the United States, we know that there are fair working conditions in place. There will be a minimum wage and there are regulations that might be overlooked in other countries. Safety protocols are in place to minimize risk of injury, keep a limit on hours worked, and other vital things that keep people safe in working environments.

#3 Economy

Buying US made products helps the economy because it keeps jobs, businesses that pay taxes, and it lowers the amount that is spent importing goods. Studies have also found that Americans were 10% more likely to buy a product if it states that it was made in the United States. The benefits span the entire economy and individuals alike.

The American lumber industry produces over $200 billion in products every year accounting for 4% of the total GDP. That is a lot of money that is being poured back into the economy and that number will continue to grow as the industry does.

#4 Quality

When products are made in the United States, companies have full control over the materials being used and can will be able to oversee the way products are constructed. There is a level of quality that cannot be duplicated by the outsourcing of products. The quality allows customers to have a better experience with the longevity of the products and less unnecessary damage.

#5 Future Investments

Where money is spent, investments will follow. If there is a demand for products made in America, like American lumber, then more money will be invested in that area. That is good for the whole country and boosts every example stated above.

#6 Independence

America is becoming increasingly dependent on imports from other countries, so it is important to focus on resources available here when possible. Having more products bought and made in the United States help to offset what is being imported in. Overall, this helps to keep America as a strong force in the global market.

#7 Environmentally Conscious

There is a lower carbon footprint when manufacturing processes are kept within the country. You are not adding to excessive greenhouse gases that are emitted in the process of goods coming to America. The lumber industry is especially good at this because it is technically a carbon-neutral process. The carbon that is absorbed by the trees when they are alive offsets any of the manufacturing later.

Also, industrial lumber is a renewable resource and new trees are being planted every day. All of this makes the American lumber industry more environmentally friendly than other options.

Conner Industries Proudly Supports the US

Conner Industries is proud to produce industrial wood and packaging solutions that are made in the United States. Using mostly American lumber from mills helps to strengthen the industry within the country.

We specialize in cut lumbers that can be used to make unique crates, pallets, or integrated packaging solutions. Providing manufacturers cost-effective protective packaging they can rely on. We are not only thinking of our customers and our employees, but we also want to be a positive force in our local communities.

Our products help support many industries within the country. These include energy and gas, the automotive industry, heavy industrial, pipe, steel, and heavy equipment just to name a few. Our impact and commitment ripple out through the customers we serve. When you choose Conner Industries you are making a choice that will benefit yourself and many others in the process.