Manufacturers and consumers are increasingly putting pressure on supply chain managers to be more transparent, embrace new technologies, and to adjust to constantly changing business practices.  Keeping up with the ever-changing world of the supply chain industry can be a truly daunting task.

Regularly reading informative and industry specific supply chain blogs can really help managers to keep abreast of new developments, trends, technologies, and strategies.  Supply chain blogs also give managers access to industry specific research and top thought leaders.

Supply Chain Blogs

Undoubtedly, you have your own favorite supply chain blogs – There are certainly enough of them out there to choose from.  Unfortunately, some of the supply chain blogs are simply extensions of their product website.  That means that they blog to try to sell their own products.

While there’s nothing wrong with blogging in support of your products, we prefer to read the kinds of supply chain blogs that are dedicated to the subject and offer well-rounded discussions of the topic.  This list represents those kinds of supply chain blogs.

Here are the must read supply chain blogs that we’re currently reading, in no particular order.

Supply Chain Dive

Supply Chain Dive covers topics such as logistics, freight, operations, procurement, regulation, technology, and more.  They also have a daily archive of relevant articles that you can have sent to your email.  Read this blog >>

Supply Chain Digital

Supply Chain Digital is a ‘Digital Community’ for the global supply chain and logistics industry that connects the world’s largest Supply Chain & Logistics brands & projects and their most senior executives with the latest trends as the industry pivots towards technology and digital transformation.  Read this blog >>

Inbound Logistics

Inbound Logistics is not content to simply report the news, and have taken a leadership role in the industry.  They coined the term 3PL and produce the annual July 3PL issue, which is the industry standard on the 3PL segment. Inbound Logistics continues to embrace industry advocacy on infrastructure, education, and transportation policy issues.  Read this blog >>

Supply Chain Management Review

Following a similar model to the Harvard Business Review, Supply Chain Management Review (SCMR) primarily publishes columns and features contributed by business school professors, supply chain management practitioners and industry analysts. Topics including sourcing and procurement, software and technology, transportation and logistics, supply chain education, and other topics relating to the supply chain. SCMR also publishes numerous case studies featuring companies such as Wal-Mart, Motorola, IBM and Pfizer.  Read this blog >>

Supply Chain Brain

In addition to providing complete coverage of all fundamental supply chain principles, Supply Chain Brain identifies emerging trends, strategies and best practices, forward-thinking ideas, cutting-edge solutions and the latest innovations.  This blog caters to the high-level executive concerned with managing risk, aligning the supply chain with corporate planning, achieving competitive advantage, balancing customer demands with the need to control cost, and improving the bottom line.  Read this blog >>

Supply Chain 24/7

Supply Chain 24/7 covers the latest news, reports, case studies, white papers, webcasts, research and more.  They features content from over 1,500 supply chain, logistics, technology, and distribution center based companies – all available from one Website.  Read this blog >>

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Smarter With Gartner

The supply chain section of Smarter With Gartner is intended for busy executives, and written in to give readers a succinct report of each topic, rather than featuring long articles that take a lot of time to absorb.  They claim to help you “run a world-class supply chain organization with expert guidance to help you maximize productivity, minimize risk and enable innovation.”  Read this blog >>

Cerasis Blog

The Cerasis blog, part of the Freight Institute, covers a broad range of topics to educate its audience.  They have many downloadable reports, printable guides, quick resources, and infographics.  Read this blog >>

All Things Supply Chain

All Things Supply Chain covers the latest news, best practices, trends in the industry, editorial content. We like this blog because of its simple layout, interesting information, and lack of advertising interruptions.  Read this blog >>

MIT Supply Chain

This blog is published by the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics and considers itself as a world leader in research, education, and ideas for supply chain management.  Read this blog >>

Logistics Viewpoint

The mission of Logistics Viewpoints is to provide logistics professionals with clear and concise analyses of logistics trends, technologies, and services.  Read this blog >>

Supply Chain Matters

Supply Chain matters is published by Bob Ferrari, and is an independent and unbiased blog that offers information about supply chain management and deployment topics.  Read this blog >>

Supply Chain Today

Supply Chain Today covers topics like big data, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, blockchain, artificial intelligence, robots, augmented reality, drones, and deep learning. There is also a wealth of supply chain information from legends like Sam Walton, Henry Ford, Peter Drucker, Dr. Deming, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, Taiichi Ohno and many others.  Read this blog >>

Discover How to Reduce Your Supplier Risk Now

Uncover all the factors that put your supply (and suppliers) at risk. Discover how you can minimize supplier impact, and what strategies you can use if things go wrong.

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