Export Lumber for Manufacturers and Transportation Packaging

Packaging your manufactured products for export comes with its own set of unique challenges in order to meet export compliance rules.  There are very specific requirements that must be met to make your transportation packaging export compliant and receive the appropriate stamps and paperwork on your export lumber.

A number of wood packaging materials are affected by the compliance rules, including both softwoods and hardwoods, including dunnagepalletscrates, reels, drums, load boards, and more.  That’s why it’s important to get your export lumber from a source you trust that can help you navigate the regulations.  Get the export lumber wrong, and your products could end up sitting on a loading dock for months, or even be shipped back to you at your own expense.

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ISPM-15 stamp - export compliant lumber packaging

What is export lumber and why do I need it?

Export lumber is lumber that has been treated to meet the rules and regulations governing international bodies and exporting.  More than 85 countries have adopted the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM15) regulation for wood packaging and export lumber products.  It basically means that all your export lumber, whether used for dunnage, load boards, pallets, etc. has been treated according to ISPM15 guidelines and is infestation-free.

Depending on what you’re exporting or where you’re exporting to, your wood packaging and export lumber may need be either heat treated or fumigated with methyl bromide.  In either case, all export lumber must have all the bark removed to meet compliance.  Once that’s done, treated export lumber is stamped or branded with a compliance mark.

There are very specific requirements that must be met to make your export lumber to be export compliant and receive the ISPM15 stamp.  You can learn more about that in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Export lumber you can count on.

Conner is fully certified to provide ISPM15 or Heat Treated export lumber for any transportation packaging application, from dunnage to banding groove and pallets to crates.

For manufacturers, businesses, and trucking companies, we’re the go-to export lumber partner to meet your large volume needs.

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Do all pallets need to be heat treated?