Pallets for sale near me?  Does it really matter if anyone is selling pallets in my area, or if I buy them from a company across the country?  What difference does it make?

As the person responsible for purchasing protective packaging, such as pallets, crates, dunnage, banding groove, etc., you may be wondering if it really makes any difference where the vendor you purchase from is located.  After all, manufacturers ship their products all over the world, why would it matter where a pallet manufacturer is located?

It actually makes a big difference to your bottom line.

‘Pallets for Sale Near Me’ Affects Your Overall Price

When you look for ‘pallets for sale near me’, you get a pallet supplier that offers their products in your geographic area.  Having a industrial wood and packaging supplier located near you can significantly lower costs because the vendor’s shipping point is closer to your manufacturing location.  If you have multiple locations, it’s even more important to choose a vendor with many strategically located facilities throughout the United States that can ship your packaging supplies from the plant that’s closest to you.

Having ‘pallets for sale near me’ actually lowers your freight costs significantly.

While freight costs have always been a challenge to keeping your overall costs down, the current market makes freight even more of an issue.  In many areas throughout the country right now, transportation is difficult to find and freight costs are astronomical.

For many manufacturers, freight has always been kind of a hidden cost for the organization.  With current marketing conditions, it’s pretty tough to hide the expense.  That can be a big hit to your budget.

Which is why ‘pallets for sale near me’ matters even more.  If you are a manufacturer in California or New York, you really don’t want to purchase pallets from a supplier in Tennessee.  The freight costs to get Tennessee pallets to your manufacturing facility in California would be ridiculous.

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Time Can Also Be a Factor

While expense is probably the biggest factor in choosing pallets for sale near me, it’s not the only element to consider.  Time can be a very big factor as well.

It takes time to manufacture and ship any type of protective packaging to customers, but it can take much longer to ship pallets across the country.  If you choose a supplier that isn’t located close to your facilities, instead of choosing pallets for sale near me, then it will take longer to get your pallets.

If you don’t have a lot of lead time in your supply chain, that can cause some very big problems.

What About Custom Sized Pallets?

No matter where you are located in the united states, you will very likely be able to find ‘pallets near me’ to fit your manufacturing needs.  Unfortunately, however, many of those suppliers will either offer recycled pallets or standard sized pallets only.

If you’re looking for custom ‘pallets for sale near me’, it may be a little tougher to find, depending on your location.  Your organization may have to look a little further away to get custom pallets, but you should still be careful about the location to keep costs down.

Wrapping It Up

In the end, it really does it really matter if you specifically look for ‘pallets for sale near me’.  As a supply chain manager or the purchaser for your company, purchasing pallets from just anyplace across the country doesn’t make sense – especially if you’re watching the budget.

In the end, making sure your pallet supplier in located near your manufacturing facility, where you need your pallets delivered, just makes good sense.  Looking for ‘pallets for sale near me’ is the right way to go.

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