New Facility in Clarksville, TN Signals Strong Growth Heading Into Q2

Fort Worth, Texas – January 9, 2019:  Conner Industries, Inc. announced on Wednesday that it will open a new manufacturing plant in Clarksville, Tennessee on February 1, 2019. This latest expansion comes on the heels of strong first quarter growth for the company and is one of several new investments Conner has made in recent months. New equipment expenditures for several of its plants, a revamped online presence, and the implementation of new technologies at the corporate level signal strong business growth for the industrial wood and custom pallet and crate manufacturer.

“We’re very pleased to announce the opening of a new location in Clarksville, Tennessee,” says David Dixon, CEO of Conner Industries. “This is not only an opportunity to bring more jobs to the area, but it also allows us to further expand our manufacturing capabilities and meet the growing needs of the Nashville market.”

The new facility plans an initial hire of twenty manufacturing employees, and is comprised of a 30,000 square foot assembly area, along with several acres designated for product storage and a rail spur on site with a loading dock. While the new Clarksville plant will be initially set up to carry out wood packaging products assembly, it will also serve as a warehousing and cross docking location for break bulk, and offer 3PL services for JIT delivery.

“This new location allows us to better align our services with our customers’ demands in a rapidly changing packaging landscape,” says Mike Huggins, Director of National Accounts at Conner Industries. “Through strategic green-field projects like this, Conner Industries can remain at the forefront of the industrial wood packaging industry by providing outstanding customer service for both current and prospective partners.”

About Conner Industries Inc.: Conner Industries is a leading provider of industrial wood and packaging solutions. They specialize in supplying cut lumber (softwoods, hardwoods, and panel products) needed for pallets, crates, and skid parts, as well as fully assembled custom pallets, crates, and industrial containers. With educated and knowledgeable sales people, subject matter experts, an experienced design team, and packaging engineers on staff, Conner serves customers nationwide from 10 plant locations in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Headquartered in Fort Worth, TX, Conner offers industrial wood and packaging solutions you can count on. Learn more at


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