Banding Groove Lumber for Unit Load Protection

Banding groove lumber is one of those transportation packaging items that is often unnoticed when used, but definitely missed when not used.  When manufacturers or businesses ship their products, most of those unit loads are secured with some kind of banding or strapping.  Banding groove lumber is that additional piece of wood packaging that can drastically help reduce in-transit damage.

  • Banding groove lumber helps to protect the top of your shipped units from the damage sometimes caused by strapping tension.
  • Banding groove lumber helps to provide clearance for the fork tines on the bottom of the unit load.
  • Banding groove lumber immobilizes the strapping so it doesn’t slide off of your products, or other types of loads like wood dunnage.

Can you really afford to be without banding groove lumber?

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banding groove lumber

Three Banding Groove Lumber Grade Options Sure to Meet Your Needs!

Auto-Strapper Grade (ABG) Banding Groove Lumber

  • Suitable for automated strapping machines.

  • Machined to exact size and length.

  • Ready to go into your auto strapper.

  • Centered groove, free of large knots, limited bow & twist, no end knots.

Manual Strapper Grade (MBG) Banding Groove

  • Suitable for hand strap customers.

  • Slight/nominal variances in length and width.

banding groove lumber
banding groove

Economy Grade (EBG) Banding Groove Lumber

  • Great for customers cutting to shorter lengths.

  • Perfect for non-export or non-automated strapping systems.

  • Economical dunnage option.
  • Variances in length.

Most Popular Industry Sizes:

  • 1-1/2 X 2-1/8 – commonly referred to as 2” X 3”
  • 1-1/2 X 1-5/8 – commonly referred to as 2” X 2”

The Conner Advantage

Conner has been supplying manufacturers and businesses with banding groove lumber for over 40 years.  We understand that our customers depend on us to deliver on time, and we have multiple locations throughout the United States to ensure we can always meet our customer obligations.  Take a look at some of the advantages our banding groove lumber customers enjoy:

  • Strategically stacked & banded units for maximum ease of handling.
  • Quick turnaround and ability to keep safety stock with stocking agreements.
  • Certified Compliance on Auto-Strapper and Manual Strapper grades.
  • Using SYP in 95% of our banding boards, along with supply chain efficiencies, allows for better fiber utilization and a more economical product.
  • Lower freight costs by maximizing loads with up to 16,000 pcs. per truck.
  • As a large SYP lumber & panel buyer in the SE, Conner can backhaul your incoming material with banding groove lumber.
banding groove lumber