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Companies searching for a reliable pallet supplier in the Nashville, Tennessee area know that Conner is the place to go.  Not only do we serve a wide variety of industries, such as energyheavy equipment, plastics, and defense contractors, but we can also produce any size pallet you need.  Regardless of the industry, Conner understands what manufacturers need, and how critical it is to meet very specific pallet design, measurements, and quality requirements.

We also know that inconsistent quality, errors, and late deliveries are just not acceptable.

With a clear understanding of supply chain and logistic demands, such as mode of handling procedures, mode of transportation, environmental conditions, and  the product destination, Conner can help you determine the best type of Nashville pallet for your application.

Machine Built Pallets

With access to some of the best wood manufacturing equipment on the market, our Clarksville Manufacturing Facility has the ability to produce large quantities of pallets for our high volume customers.  Not only are Conner pallet machines highly reliable, but accurate nail patterns provide consistent build quality from the first pallet to the last.

With Conner, automated never means inferior.

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Custom Pallets – Hand Built

Machine built pallets are great when you need high volume, but sometimes you need a more specialized solution on a different scale or with different materials.  At Conner, we custom design all kinds of custom packaging solutions.  We take a look at your handling requirements, the weight and size of your product, and the shipping conditions that must be met to create a custom solution that gets your product to its destination safely.  We even offer export compliant packaging so your product can travel anywhere in the world.

Not only will our quality-focused design team ensure that our Nashville pallets meet your specs 100% of the time, but we can also evaluate your current pallet design and make suggestions for more cost-effective and safe movement of your products.

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