There’s been a lot of discussion and attention in the media on front line workers over the last month.  For the most part, those discussions seem to revolve around health care professionals, first responders, truckers, and grocery store workers.  Of course, the positive attention is certainly justified.

After all, these are people who are risking their own health and safety to continue to do their jobs.  Without these heroic people, the country would completely collapse.  Can you imagine not having police or doctors?  What if grocery stores couldn’t open because there were no people to run them?

Without these courageous people, it would be the end of our relatively peaceful society.

We Have Our Own Front Line Workers

Here at Conner, we’re very proud to have our own front line workers.  Our front line workers risk their own health and safety to work at our plants building the industrial packaging that our customers need to get their emergency and necessity supplies to the marketplace.

Whether it’s industrial lumber, pallets, crates, or engineered packaging, our own front line heros have never stopped getting the job done throughout this Coronavirus crisis.  We are very grateful to all our employees, but especially our front line workers.

Although we weren’t able to capture every employee from every plant, we hope that the video above lets our front line workers know how proud we are of them and how much we appreciate their sacrifices.