Pallet Lumber and Wholesale Pallet Cut Parts for Pallet Manufacturers and Pallet Recyclers

With thousands of pallet manufacturers and recyclers across the United States, the margin of error for each pallet company is close to zero. Pallet customers have more options, higher expectations, and require faster turnarounds than ever before. For pallet manufacturers and pallet recycling businesses, getting a leg up on the competition is essential.

Here at Conner, we offer pallet lumber and wholesale pallet cut parts that can slash lead times, increase efficiency, and simplify your pallet manufacturing or pallet recycling process. These simple pre-cut pallet pieces aren’t necessarily revolutionary in the wood packaging industry, but they can certainly make your life a whole lot easier if you’re in the recycling or pallet business.

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wholesale pallet cut parts

What Are Pallet Cut Parts?

deck boards - pallet cut parts

Deck Boards

stringers - pallet cut parts

Notched Stringers

bottom boards - pallet cut parts

Bottom Boards

Here at Conner, we’ve crafted pallet lumber and pallet cut parts with pallet manufacturers and recyclers in mind for over 40 years. Pallet cut parts are convenient, easy to use, and pallet lumber can be cut to any size for whatever pallet dimensions you need.  Whether you’re looking for deck boards, bottom boards, or stringers, we’ve got the pallet lumber you need to keep your business humming. As a pallet manufacturer or pallet recycler, wholesale pallet cut parts make your life substantially easier and offer a variety of cost savings.

Pre-Cut Pallet Lumber Means Increased Efficiency

wholesale pallet cut parts

In the wood packaging industry, and manufacturing in general, efficiency is the margin that we live by. Having an inefficient means of creating your product can lead to customer loss, a damaged reputation, and possibly even the failure of your business. Efficient manufacturing processes are essential for pallet manufacturers.

With pallet lumber and pre-cut pallet stock, pallet manufacturers can drastically increase their efficiency. Rather than having employees dedicated to the processing of lumber, like cutting it down to size or cutting notches, pallet manufacturers can focus their full efforts on the assembly and shipping of pallets to their customers. This simplifies your manufacturing process by removing unnecessary steps and bolsters the efficiency of your business. In a tight labor market, this lets pallet manufacturers use their available labor to its maximum potential.