There’s little doubt that times are tough for a lot of us, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot to be thankful for in 2021.

Over the last two years, we’ve faced lockdowns, shortages, supply chain issues, labor problems, inflation, and more. This has not only affected business but every aspect of our personal lives. Because of this, it can sometimes feel like every conversation, if not every waking thought, has been dominated by controversy, scarcity, and fear – it’s time we give those conversations and thoughts a break, if not for just a day.

At Conner, we’ve been fortunate to make it through these trying times when many others have not. So today, it’s time to show how thankful we are for 40 years, our employees, friends and family, our country, and our customers.

This Thanksgiving, we want to let everyone know why 2021 has made us thankful.

Why We Are Thankful

We have so many reasons to be thankful, but the first of these reasons has to be that we’ve made it 40 years.

By no means is 40 years an insignificant milestone.

Many companies struggle to make it 10 years, we’ve quadrupled that! This alone warrants endless thanks to the men and women that have kept Conner afloat for four decades. Without them, hundreds of jobs, countless memories, and many friendships would not have been made.

Throughout its years, Conner has had many ups and downs. The last two years though have brought their unique challenges.

The Pandemic has put millions of businesses in jeopardy, and thousands of businesses in the ground. In the lumber industry, the business-killing issues that many companies have faced have been severely exacerbated by supply chain issues, labor shortages, and inflation.

To all of our employees that have weathered this storm with us, we thank you. Thank you not only for sticking around, but for also putting in the work that has created multiple RECORD-BREAKING quarters for our company.

Not only have we embraced adversity, but we’ve excelled in it!

Our Employees

Our employees make us who we are. For that, we’re extremely thankful.

Through many challenges, our employees have shown us not only that we can make it through our problems, but that we can make it through our problems better than we were before.

Their dedication, hard work, and steadfastness through uncertainty have been an anchor to our company. Whatever adversity may come in the future, we have no fear that we will be up for the challenge thanks to them. To all of our employees, we are so thankful for you. Without you, we have nothing.

Our Friends and Family

An inevitable truth is that challenges bring a strain on all relationships – especially on friends and family. For this, we’re thankful that you’ve stuck by our sides.

The friends and families of our employees have been the rock that we’ve been able to lean on throughout these tough times. They’ve been amazing supporters, comforters, and even impromptu therapists. Our friends and family have surpassed expectations at every corner.

We’re thankful not only for your support but for your continued confidence in us as we continue to face the unknown challenges that are sure to rear their heads.

Our Customers

Our customers are the reason we’re still in business. Without them, we’d cease to exist.

This Thanksgiving, we’d like to thank them for their continued flexibility and trust as we continue to navigate an unpredictable environment. Supply chain problems, inflation, and market volatility have made all of us take a step out of our comfort zone – we believe these challenges have only made our relationships stronger.

So, to our customers, thank you for sticking by our side. We look forward to every challenge we get to overcome together.

Our Country

It’s been a trying time for our country, but that doesn’t mean we’re not thankful for her.

The freedom we have in the United States should not be taken for granted for a second. It’s because of this freedom that we can conduct business, live our lives freely, and speak openly.

Although times are tough, and our country is far from perfect, it’s because of the United States that Conner is here today. For that, we are forever thankful.

Take Some Time to be Thankful

Although negativity and malice are seeming to be the norm nowadays, we must use Thanksgiving to evaluate the things in our lives that we’re thankful for.

That’s what we’re doing at Conner. Forty years wouldn’t have happened without our employees, friends and family, customers, and our amazing country.

As a little homework assignment from Conner, grab your family tight, eat good food, watch some football, and don’t think about the things that stress you out.  Instead, focus on the things in life you’re thankful for – even if it’s only for just one day.