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Our Best Blog Posts of 2019

As the year winds down to a close, it’s only natural to start reflecting on all the things you’ve done in the last year.  For us here at Conner, we had a lot of “firsts” this year, and one of the things that was new for us this year was blogging.  We’re not talking about the one-off blog post that you publish a few times per year.

Nope, we’re talking about consistently writing about the things in our industry that affect our customers and visitors.  It’s been gratifying to share our know-how and insights with the industrial packaging community, and we sincerely appreciate that you take the time to visit us and read our articles.

In this blog post, we thought we’d do a rundown of the best articles of 2019.  These are the articles that got the most reads, social media shares, and feedback throughout the year.  You’ll find our top 6 posts below, in chronological order.

Our Best 6 Blog Posts of 2019

Dual Sourcing: Is it a Gamble for Supply Chain Managers?

Dual sourcing, single sourcing, cross-sourcing, and multi-sourcing are all terms you hear a lot when you’re talking about a manufacturer’s supply chain. For many manufacturers, there are so many materials that must be purchased to move their good [...]

Top 6 Ways to Prevent Pallet Damage

Finding ways to prevent pallet damage is an important component of managing your supply chain because damaged pallets, crates, and wood packaging can cause serious problems for your manufacturing process and product delivery.  While we’ve all seen [...]

Is it a Pallet or Skid? Should You Really Care?

People often use the words "pallet" and "skid" interchangeably, but there is actually a pretty big difference between the two.  While you may not really care about how to identify the difference between a pallet or skid, [...]

Are Block Pallets Really Stronger Than Stringers?

No doubt you've heard the myth... now uncover the truth in this exclusive case study.

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