The phrase, “custom cut wood” may sound vague, unspecific, or nondescript – But don’t let that fool you. Custom cut wood can increase a business’s efficiency, slash project times, and increase safety within your manufacturing facilities.

When talking about custom cut wood, it’s important to realize that you can’t find this product on a shelf, no hardware store carries it, and that making it yourself can cost a pretty penny in labor and materials. For businesses, custom cut wood can only be realistically provided by a reputable and established lumber supplier. When it comes to custom cut wood, it’s best to look to the people who do it for a living.

What is Custom Cut Wood?

When choosing a lumber product, it’s important to consider how much use you’ll get out of it. Are you going to use the full batch of lumber? Will you need to make any alterations to it? Will the wood be the exact dimensions I need? Although these are just examples of potential problems you might run into, we understand that these thoughts, and worries like them, plague everyone that buys lumber consistently. That’s why we offer custom cut wood – to increase convenience and diminish worry!

Custom cut wood is defined simply as any wood that’s cut for a specific order. This means that custom cut wood can include any hardwood, softwood, wood dunnage, or even panel products. As long as a lumber supplier isn’t providing you with stock lumber products, you’re buying custom cut wood.

When talking about custom cut wood, it’s vital to understand the variety of different custom cut products you can order. Truckloads of 2×4’s cut to specific lengths, hardwood timbers, or even uniquely cut OSB – custom cut wood products are only limited to the dimensions you provide to your vendor.

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Where Can I Find Custom Cut Wood?

For many businesses, procuring wood fiber isn’t as simple as driving down to your local lumber retailer. Although Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Menards may have plenty of stock for DIYers, businesses in need of large quantities of lumber simply can’t expect to find what they need at a hardware store. When businesses need to acquire custom cut wood at an industrial scale, meaning truckloads per month, the procurement process becomes more complex.

Looking to sawmills would be the natural next step to get custom cut wood for businesses, right? Well, unfortunately, no. Sawmills only produce lumber in basic dimensions and lengths in bulk. With the amount of lumber each mill supplies, they simply don’t have the time or equipment to go back and cut wood to specific lengths, especially if it’s not in a bulk order. This leaves it up to industrial lumber suppliers to provide custom cut wood services to businesses across the nation.

Industrial lumber suppliers have the remanufacturing capabilities needed to process millions of board feet of lumber every year. With a reliable supply of lumber coming from sawmills, lumber suppliers can meet the custom cut wood needs of businesses year-round. Meeting these needs isn’t as simple as you might think, however.

Lumber manufacturers, like Conner, require industrial sawing capabilities, efficient manufacturing processes, and stringent safety measures to ensure that custom cut wood can be safely and efficiently manufactured for our customers.

Can’t I Make it Myself?

As a business, you might be mulling over the idea of cutting your wood products down to size yourself. Although this might save you money in the short term, your business is undoubtedly losing time and money on the remanufacturing of stock wood products. It’s a very labor and time-intensive process to remanufacture stock wood products yourself, especially if you don’t have the equipment to accomplish it efficiently.

Besides, creating custom cut wood products yourself takes away the product’s biggest advantage – convenience. Whether you’re a pallet manufacturer, a family-owned manufacturing facility, or a mega-corporation, wasting time on unnecessary labor is simply unacceptable. As manufacturers ourselves, we know that the first thing on your mind is getting your product out the door. With custom cut wood, however, you can start manufacturing your end product as soon as your lumber arrives.

As we mentioned earlier, cutting lumber down to size in-house comes with some natural financial barriers and safety concerns. Acquiring industrial sawing capabilities might sound like an easy feat, but it becomes much more complex when you consider the amount of equipment and precautionary steps needed for this process. Employees must be trained on this new equipment, new insurance is needed to make sure employees are covered from this hazardous manufacturing equipment and let us not forget – this equipment is EXPENSIVE!

All of this being said, manufacturing your own custom cut wood can be a strain on your wallet in many different ways.

We Have the Custom Cut Wood Products You Need

After reading through all of the facts, we hope you now see how custom cut wood can benefit your business, increase your efficiency, and understand why procuring this wood product isn’t as easy as you might seem. All of that being said, we hope you think of us the next time you need some custom cut wood!