Atlanta Lumber Available for Any Application

Finding a reliable source of industrial-grade lumber in the Atlanta area can be a challenge, and that’s why so many people come to Conner.  We provide thousands of wood products to many different industries.  Whether you’re looking for softwoods, like southern yellow pine, or hardwoods such as poplar or maple, Conner offers wholesale dimensional lumber, panels, cut pallet parts, ISPM15 certified wood, and more.

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Wholesale Lumber & Panels

At our Hogansville Plant, near Atlanta, Georgia, produce hundreds of different types of Atlanta lumber products for our high-volume customers.  Not only do we work hard to meet the needs of customers in the Atlanta area, but we also deliver Atlanta lumber nationwide.

Whether you’re looking for wholesale lumber & panels, pallet lumber, banding groove, or something else, our Hogansville Plant can help you get the Atlanta lumber you need.

Hardwood Products

Hardwoods, such as oak, maple, or poplar, are often used in applications where a stronger, denser wood is required.  This is often due to the weight of the item being transported.  Unfortunately, hardwoods can often be difficult to obtain for some wood manufacturers – but not for Conner.

With an extensive group of hardwood producer partners to provide custom-cut products to our customers, we’ve built and maintained strong relationships with hardwood mills for decades.  Even when hardwoods are difficult to acquire because the demand is high, Conner still delivers the hardwood products you need when you need them in the Atlanta area.

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Bulk Lumber & Panels

We’ve been re-manufacturing Atlanta lumber into bulk lumber and panel components since 1981.  In that time, we’ve become an industry leader in low-cost production strategies and deploying the most efficient methods of production, which allows us to process large volumes of wood very economically.  As a result, we convert raw materials into thousands of lumber products that are used by a wide variety of customers.

Banding Groove

Banding groove is something that is used on a lot of unit loads to protect the top of each unit.  Most unit loads are secured with some kind of strapping or banding, but unfortunately that same strapping can also damage the units.  That’s where banding groove comes in.  Not only does it protect individual units from the tension of the banding, but it can also help provide clearance for fork tines on the bottom of those units.

Best of all, banding groove keeps the strapping from moving around.

Conner has special production lines designed to rip, groove, trim, and stamp banding groove in a single pass.  This kind of efficiency means we can pass those cost savings on to you and turnaround your order of Atlanta lumber quickly.

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wholesale pallet cut parts