Whether your business recycles, refurbishes, or makes pallets from scratch, buying pallet cut parts can increase both efficiency and productivity in your pallet business.  Not to mention, pallet cut parts can make business owners’ lives a whole lot easier when you don’t have to source your own fiber and cut lumber yourself!

Just how impactful could pallet cut parts actually be?  Well, to get to the answer, we first have to take a look at what exactly pallet cut parts are and the numerous conveniences they offer.

What Are Pallet Cut Parts?

Pallet cut parts are essentially pre-cut boards that are used to build pallets.  These pre-cut lumber pieces usually amount to deck boards and stringers that are cut to whatever dimensions the manufacturer is looking for.  The dimensions can be the standard 48×40 or any custom dimensions the manufacturer may need.

Let’s talk about the individual parts included in pallet cut parts.  Deck boards include the boards that run across the top and bottom of the pallet.  Stringers are the wood pieces sandwiched between the top and bottom deck, they are found on two-way and four-way pallets.  Notched stringers are only found on four-way pallets, which have four points of entry, and include ‘notches’ along the stringers that allow forklifts to pick up pallets.  Both two-way and four-way pallet cut parts can be ordered.

Pallet cut parts are typically made with Southern Yellow Pine (SYP), a softwood, but can also be made in hardwood configurations.  Regardless of the wood, the pallet cut parts are made of, heat treatment is available to make pallets available for export.

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Convenience is Key

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing pallet cut parts is convenience.  Rather than having to process raw materials or cut dimensional lumber down to the sizes you need, workers can get straight to the process of building or repairing pallets.  Pallet cut parts not only save you time cutting lumber, but the product can save time and money in other ways as well.

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing pallet cut parts is convenience. Rather than having to process raw materials or cut dimensional lumber down to the sizes you need, workers can get straight to the process of building or… Click To Tweet

Here are four ways pallet cut parts can save you time and money through the product’s convenience.

1. No Mill Contracts

Buying lumber often comes with lengthy mill contracts that require you to buy large volumes of wood from a mill.  For many pallet manufacturers, recyclers, and refurbishers, this isn’t always the best option.

2. No Excess

When buying pallet cut parts, you can purchase the specific amount you need for the number of pallets you’re building.  You won’t run the risk of sitting on a surplus of lumber.  As you already know, when lumber is left sitting for too long, a myriad of problems can occur, including mold.  Pallet mold can substantially diminish the quality of wood and can make it unfit for new or repaired pallets.  For obvious reasons, nobody wants this to happen.  On the other hand, pallet cut parts can be purchased as-needed, decreasing the chances of mold and other contamination.

3. No Expensive Machinery

Cutting dimensional lumber yourself poses its own set of challenges.  To begin with, industrial cutting machines are expensive, costing thousands of dollars to buy and maintain.  Many pallet manufacturers, recyclers, and refurbishers simply don’t have the money or space to operate that type of equipment.

Additionally, these types of machines require extensive training and manpower to operate, both of which can be substantial costs for businesses.  It’s possible to bypass the expensive equipment, and use a chop saw or circular saw to cut lumber to length, but it’s also extremely labor and time intensive.  With pallet cut parts, this type of equipment isn’t needed – saving time, labor, and money.

4. Less Labor Required for Building & Repairing 

“Cutting” out the cutting process (hilarious right?) brings advantages not only by saving time and money during the manufacturing process, but in labor as well.  There are major labor shortages across the United States, and the manufacturing industry is no exception.  The more complex and time-consuming manufacturing methods become, the more labor is typically involved.  With the current labor shortage, pallet cut parts are the perfect solution.  With pallet cut parts, less labor is involved in the building, recycling, and refurbishing of pallets.  A pretty timely solution, don’t you think?

The Impact of Pallet Cut Parts

So, just how impactful are pallet cut parts?  From the numerous conveniences the product offers to pallet manufacturers, recyclers, and refurbishers, the answer is VERY impactful!  Pallet cut parts have been, and continue to be, a great solution for pallet businesses.